Thou crownest the year with thy goodness.

A fresh start gives us a chance to reinvent our lives and ourselves, to shed the baggage of the previous year. It often feels great. Filled with excitement and relief, we get to leave the past behind and enter into a new system with great anticipation, hope and promise, with a new vision.

But for some, beginnings can feel treacherous. Letting go of comfortable, established relationships, family, homes and jobs can force us to confront anxiety, uncertainty and even fear of the unknown.

A fresh start demands a clean slate. Let everything from the past go. Clear your plate and your palate. Let go of failure, fears you’ve built up. Decide what matters most today, to you, your life. What are you most passionate about? What excites and invigorates you? What would give you the most fulfilment?

Clear away distractions and focus. Find happiness now. Don’t look at happiness as something that will come when you’ve attained a certain accomplishment or certain amount of wealth or material goods. Happiness is possible right now. You have a fresh start. Let go of last year, and start anew. Our certainty and security is found in God. To him, we must cling as we journey forth over every low and valley ahead.


As I start afresh this year help me stay focus on you. Work on my anxiety and unbelief for the fulfilment of your glory in my life in Jesus Christ Almighty name. Amen.

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