There are various ways God revealed himself to us or speaks to us. John 4:1-4. In the case of the Samaritan woman, we do not know her name but God knows. He knows everything about her, just as he does about us. She had looked for love and acceptance in a stream of relationships that failed to satisfy her. Her life, like water jug, was empty and dry. Underneath her show of boldness was a lost woman with deep needs, just as we are today. She was going about her daily routine of getting water when the lost one and the one who seeks the lost came together. In the heat of midday, they met at a well in Samaria. The woman was surprised when Jesus spoke to her.

We can also have our own ideas about when and where God speaks. We hope he will speak at church, at retreats, through Christian’s media or books, through times set aside to pray and read his word. But what about during daily routine stuff of life when we are simply going about our chores, ‘drawing water from the well’? Samaritan woman had the appearance of being able to get her own water-the jug, the physical capability, the know-how and experience. But Jesus knew the deep thirst of her soul likewise ours, where we do not have the know-how and experience to get what we needed. Jesus was drawing her closer to the place where she could find the water of life that really satisfied. We all need to have Jesus fill us, and keep filling us every day, with the living water of his Spirit.

Listen to the one who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. John 14:6. Are you courageous enough to listen to God, and to continue listening to him? Will you put aside any prejudices or defence mechanisms and believe what he says? He is the Messiah, the one who we are all waiting for, the one who holds the key to every question we have, and in whom every answer is found.

The same offer of life giving water made to the woman at the well has been made to us. If you already know the gift of God, give thanks to the Lord. If not, your spiritual thirst can be quenched today. When we admit our sin and trust Jesus as our saviour, the guilt and shame of our past is washed away by the forgiveness of God. Our sin is covered by Jesus sacrifice on the cross. He gives us new birth into a living hope. He seals us with his Holy Spirit as a sign of ownership and promise. Eternal, living water has begun to flow within our innermost being! Hallelujah.   

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