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A Fish Out of Water: 9 Strategies to Maximize Your God-Given Leadership Potential


Ground-breaking information to help readers discover their leadership style and giftedness to help them become as effective as God meant for them to be. After years of research and hundreds of interviews, Barna has emerged with a controversial new definition of what it takes to be a good leader. Hint: It isn’t what everybody thought. The answer does not depend on reading lots of books and attending seminars on effective management processes. Leaders must be sure that he or she has been called by God to lead, secure in the integrity of his or her character, and capable of inspiring visio n in others. A Fish out of Water answers common questions like “Can I lead if I’m not sure where I’m going myself?” “Do I have what it takes to do this job?” and “Why aren’t people following me?” Barna reveals his research of what leadership is-and isn’t-and shows how to overcome the challenges that every leader will inevitably face.



You’ll Learn: how to become financially free, how to find joint venture partners, secrets to being massively happy, healthy and wealthy, how to become a real estate millionaire, how to use the law of attraction to get what you want, and how to pay the least amount of taxes. SUNIL TULSIANI & ROBERT G. ALLEN (authors)

All In


In All In, Arlene Dickinson tells the truth about the dangers of believing your own hype, listening to naysayers―and ignoring naysayers, too. Dickinson explains why the need for control is a double-edged sword that can get a business off the ground, then cause it to stall. ARLENE DICKINSON (author)



In this seminal text, Ury and Fisher present four principles for effective negotiation, including: separating people from the problem, focusing on interests rather than positions, generating a variety of options before settling on an agreement, and insisting that the agreement be based on objective criteria. ROGER FISHER, WILLIAM URY & BRUCE PATTON (authors)

Anywhere; How Global Connectivity Is Revolutionizing The What To Do Business


Anywhere examines the far-reaching impact of what can only be termed a business revolution, and it explains how to build a strategy using global connectivity to generate new streams of revenue and, ultimately, dramatic business growth. President and CEO of Yankee Group, the industry authority on the business impact of global connectivity, Emily Nagle Green describes how best to steer business initiatives, partnerships, product development, customer service, target markets, and virtually every other aspect of a business in order to succeed in the Anywhere business environment.
nWith Anywhere, businesses now have the ability to remain connected to customers 24/7, but only those that take advantage of this “ubiquitous connectivity” in a strategic way today will remain standing tomorrow.
nAnywhere combines extensive background information, tactical tools, and high-level advice that every forward-looking company needs in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment. EMILY NAGLE GREEN (author)

Beta Ball: The Story of How Silicon Valley and Science Built One of the Greatest Basketball Teams in History by Eric Malinowski


In “Beta Ball,” Eric Malinowski tells the story of how Silicon Valley’s innovative technology and data-driven approach revolutionized the world of basketball. Through in-depth research and interviews with key players, the author explores the rise of a team that combined cutting-edge technology with a scientific approach to the game, creating one of the greatest basketball teams in history. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, sports, and data.

Beyond The Deal: Mergers & Acquisitions That Achieve Breakthrough Performance Gains


Mergers and acquisitions are happening in record numbers, with billions of dollars changing hands and major corporate deals making headlines every day. But the harsh reality is that most deals fail. Why? Because the companies didn’t plan, didn’t prepare, and didn’t perform up to expectations.
nThey didn’t think beyond the deal. HUBERT SAINT-ONGE & JAY CHATZKEL (author)

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