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A Million A Minute


A Million A Minute is the inside story of the mysterious and wildly influential world of trading. In our interconnected global markets, traders have become the frontline, free-market warriors closest to the money, closest to the action. Their reactions to world events can topple governments and cause currencies to rise or plummet. They affect the prices we pay for the food we eat, the gasoline we use, the gold in our jewelry, the steel in our cars, even our homes and our mortgages. HILLARY DAVIS (author)

All In


In All In, Arlene Dickinson tells the truth about the dangers of believing your own hype, listening to naysayers―and ignoring naysayers, too. Dickinson explains why the need for control is a double-edged sword that can get a business off the ground, then cause it to stall. ARLENE DICKINSON (author)

Bet On Me


In Bet On Me, leading entrepreneur Annette Verschuren lays out her surprising and inspiring philosophy for what it takes to lead and succeed in today’s economy: tenacity, the willingness to embrace risk and an unwavering commitment to remain true to yourself, no matter how unorthodox you may seem. Drawing on her experiences as a Cape Breton farm girl who went on to lead Home Depot Canada’s expansion from 19 to 179 stores, among other business ventures, Verschuren outlines a bold vision that will change the way you approach your work and your business. The book’s key message: modern leadership is not about learning skills and techniques in order to become someone else. Rather, leaders achieve breakthrough results when they learn to trust in, listen to and fully be themselves. As vital as Lean In and as must-reading as Good to Great, this book will change the way you look at business today. ANNETTE VERSCHUREN (author)

Beta Ball: The Story of How Silicon Valley and Science Built One of the Greatest Basketball Teams in History by Eric Malinowski


In “Beta Ball,” Eric Malinowski tells the story of how Silicon Valley’s innovative technology and data-driven approach revolutionized the world of basketball. Through in-depth research and interviews with key players, the author explores the rise of a team that combined cutting-edge technology with a scientific approach to the game, creating one of the greatest basketball teams in history. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, sports, and data.

CEO of Everything


CEO of Everything will help you navigate the changes in yourself and others, decide what’s important and what you can’t afford to let go, know what to say and what to do next, take control of your money, move forward with confidence and arrange your -life so it’s so its everything you want it to be. GAIL VAZ-OXYLADE & VICTORIA RYCE

Close The Deal


Deep and Sussman’s Smart Moves and Smart Moves for People in Charge gave readers checklists for climbing the corporate ladder and taking on leadership tasks. Now, teamed with one of the country’s premiere sales-training firms, they apply the same popular, practical approach to a vital task for any organization: selling. Whether you’re introducing a product, marketing your small business’s services, or selling your boss on a new idea, you’ll benefit from checklists like these: Seven Fears All Buyers Share Thirteen Ways to Warm Up to Cold Calling Ten Different Ways to Set Your Asking Price Eight Questions to Help You Sell with Integrity For training, troubleshooting, and a quick review before every important call, sales professionals will be sold on Smart Moves for Selling. SAM DEEP-LYLE SUSSMAN (author)

Competing On Analytics


In Competing on Analytics, Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris assert that competitive advantage can come from sophisticated exploitation of business intelligence and predictive analytics. Its already happening at companies such as Netflix Inc., Inc., Harrahs Entertainment Inc. and Capital One Financial Corp.  THOMAS H. DAVENPORT & JEANNE G. HARRIS (authors)

Empowering women ti succeed


Venture through 15 incredibly heartfelt and emotionally raw stories told by 14 amazing women and one amazing man. Empowering Women to Succeed Volume II: From Burnout to Victory provides you a wide range of stories including topics from death and divorce to escaping from an unhealthy lifestyle to overcoming the odds and becoming a successful entrepreneur.
nIt’s time to immerse yourself in these authors’ stories that they have bravely opened their souls to write for you! Reflect on your life as you read each story. The stories will either make you either feel empathy towards the author, or if you are in a similar situation, you can learn from their experience and use it to come out on top.
nThe pages in this book are detailed with heartfelt and powerful words that you will feel as though you have embarked on the authors’ journeys yourselves. These 14 women’s—and one man’s—stories will motivate you, inspire you and uplift you on your path of empowerment, in elevating all women, and men, to push through their burnout and become victorious. RANDI GOODMAN (AUTHOR)

Finding Financial Freedom


In today’s uncertain times, how can you achieve the goal of financial independence? Success depends on a balanced strategy that is based on timeless biblical wisdom and up-to-date financial guidance.
nFinding Financial Freedom is your guide to prosperity that lasts. Written by Bible scholar and professional financial planner Grant R. Jeffrey, this book shows how you can:
n· identify and avoid financial traps
n· escape the spiritual bondage created by a lifestyle of debt
n· develop a disciplined savings plan that leads to successful investing
n· claim God’s promise of giving and receiving
n· shift your thinking from “more income” to “keeping more of your income”
n· make decisions today that will protect your family and guarantee an income through your retirement years.
nHere is biblical financial wisdom that’s as immediate as the bills crowding your mailbox. Get started today on the biblical road to wealth with Finding Financial Freedom. GRANT JEFFEREY (author)

Group Genius


In well-organized chapters, complete with summaries and checklists, he debunks common beliefs about the nature of creativity – primarily, the myth that you need to be an isolated genius to succeed. Instead, he argues that innovation is most often the result of collaboration. Sawyer overreaches in some instances. KEITH SAWYER (author)

Hot Commodities


In Hot Commodities, Rogers offers the lowdown on the most lucrative markets for today and tomorrow. In 1998, gliding under the radar, a bull market in commodities began. Rogers thinks it’s going to continue for at least fifteen years–and he’s put his money where his mouth is: In 1998, he started his own commodities index fund. It’s up 165% since then, with more than $200 million invested, and it’s the single-best performing index fund in the world in any asset class. Less risky than stocks and less sluggish than bonds,, commodities are where the money is–and will be in the years ahead. Rogers’s strategies are simple and straightforward. You can start small–a few thousand dollars will suffice. It’s all about putting your money into stuff you understand, the basic materials of everyday life, like coal, sugar, cotton, corn, or crude oil. Once you recognize the cyclical and historical trading patterns outlined here, you’ll be on your way. JIM ROGERS (author)

The CFO As Business Integrator


The CFO as Business Integrator has a simple, but ambitious goal: to serve as an implementation guide for the CFO’s new finance integration agenda.
nIn our many months of researching this book, we’ve found that executives feel both confused by integration technology and driven to pursue the tantalizing benefits it offers. They want to move from complexity to simplicity, but need a clear integration road map. We believe this book will serve as a trusted, practical companion you can turn to as you shape a fresh new vision for your finance function. CEDRIC READ, HANS-DIETER SCHEUERMANN & THE mySAP FINANCIALS TEAM (authors)

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