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“The Inspirational Writings” by Robert H. Schuller


A collection of uplifting and inspiring messages from one of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time, Robert H. Schuller. In “The Inspirational Writings,” Schuller shares his wisdom, insights, and guidance on topics such as faith, hope, and perseverance, providing readers with the tools and inspiration they need to achieve their dreams and overcome life’s challenges.

316: The numbers of Hope (Paper back)


A twenty-six word parade of hope: beginning with God, ending with life, and urging us to do the same. Brief enough to write on a napkin or memorize in a moment, yet solid enough to weather two thousand years of storms and questions. If you know nothing of the Bible, start here. If you know everything in the Bible, return here. We all need the reminder. The heart of the human problem is the heart of the human. And God’s treatment is prescribed in John 3:16: MAX LUCADO (AUTHOR)

52 men of the bible


Carl Beech shares the trials, temptations and triumphs of key men in the Bible. Everyone from unknown Achan to well-known Paul had strengths and weaknesses we can learn from and apply to our lives today.
nWritten in Carl’s refreshingly honesty no-nonsense style
nFind the answers to Who? What? Where? When? and most importantly Why?
nWith question and action sections for each of the 52 men, learn from their lives and apply what you’ve learnt to your life
nPacked with essential top tens, including: world’s strongest men, fortresses, kebabs, how to survive a bear attack, and more! CARL BEECH (AUTHOR)

A Christian manifesto


Bob Ekblad delivers a radical new reading of the Lord’s Prayer by arguing that there are earthly power structures and allegiances that prevent God’s kingdom from coming “on earth as in heaven.” Drawing on his experiences in ministry with marginalized people and his understanding of the Bible, Ekblad calls the church to follow Jesus by seeking its own deliverance from these structures, and to recognize people on the margins as the most receptive to becoming agents of transformation. A New Christian Manifesto urges Christians to break down barriers to join Jesus in a movement that includes recruiting, healing, empowering, and setting out to achieve an ultimate victory of the cross. BOB EKBLAD (AUTHOR)

A Concise History of Preaching


From the apostle Paul, Origen, and Chrysostom through Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and Wesley to Harry Emerson Fosdick, James S. Stewart, and Martin Luther King, Jr., this volume traces the history of preaching by focusing on the work of 20 key Christian preachers. Wilson analyzes how preachers through history have structured their sermons and shows how preaching today embodies the theological ideas of an era. PAUL SCOTT WILSON (author)

A Different Kind Of Tribe


Many churches still take a modern approach to small-group ministry, but the truth is we now live in a post-Christian world. Society’s definitions for family, spirituality, and even truth are different than they were ten years ago.
nIn A Different Kind of Tribe, small-groups expert Rick Howerton explains what has changed, offers a new approach to small-group life, and equips you to succeed.
n• What leadership traits the new small group leader must have.
n• How to start groups that are more about making disciples than assimilating people into church life.
n• Why it is important for groups to live a missional mindset.
n• What holds small-group members captive and how to set them free.
n• How to use the “four quadrants” of small group life to create a transformational small group.

A Fish Out of Water: 9 Strategies to Maximize Your God-Given Leadership Potential


Ground-breaking information to help readers discover their leadership style and giftedness to help them become as effective as God meant for them to be. After years of research and hundreds of interviews, Barna has emerged with a controversial new definition of what it takes to be a good leader. Hint: It isn’t what everybody thought. The answer does not depend on reading lots of books and attending seminars on effective management processes. Leaders must be sure that he or she has been called by God to lead, secure in the integrity of his or her character, and capable of inspiring visio n in others. A Fish out of Water answers common questions like “Can I lead if I’m not sure where I’m going myself?” “Do I have what it takes to do this job?” and “Why aren’t people following me?” Barna reveals his research of what leadership is-and isn’t-and shows how to overcome the challenges that every leader will inevitably face.

A grace deficit


The Lord has set an open door before the believer who through acts of faith can discover and experience an ongoing and supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit. The supernatural events recorded in the text of this manuscript have been the ongoing experience of the author for forty years. They serve only to highlight the integrity and authority of the Word of God. Come and live daringly! READ I. MYERS (AUTHOR)

A new kind of Christian


A Leadership Network Publication A New Kind of Christian‘s conversation between a pastor and his daughter’s high school science teacher reveals that wisdom for life’s most pressing spiritual questions can come from the most unlikely sources. This stirring fable captures a new spirit of Christianity–where personal, daily interaction with God is more important than institutional church structures, where faith is more about a way of life than a system of belief, where being authentically good is more important than being doctrinally “right,” and where one’s direction is more important than one’s present location. Brian McLaren’s delightful account offers a wise and wondrous approach for revitalizing Christian spiritual life and Christian congregations. BRAIN D MCLAREN (AUTHOR)

A passionate life


Evangelical “seeker-sensitive” churches have frequently come under fire for extending an enthusiastic welcome to nonbelievers and then failing to effectively disciple them in the Christian faith. Breen and Kallestad offer to remedy this shortcoming with this book that builds upon Rick Warren’s bestselling The Purpose-Driven Life. The authors provide fresh converts with the next step—eight of them, to be exact—to intentional Christian growth after they have found their “purpose.” Within this eager yet clumsily presented text, Breen and Kallestad use geometric shapes as visual guideposts to achieving a more passionate spiritual journey. Followers will expected to engage themselves in a circle of repentance/faith, pattern their lives into a semicircle of rest/work, form a triangle of relationships and use a square of leadership tools, etc. While the bulk of the material offered is biblically conservative, the authors risk alienating their more traditional Christian reader base by retelling the story of a college student who believes he hears from God, thus confirming he has the gift of “prophecy.” Likewise, a woman speaks of her desire to become a pastor, a definite no-no with many biblically conservative audiences, though other readers will find this refreshing. Other than these minor variances from the center of camp, this resource offers much in the way of practical advice for those readers who can get past its choppy, hodge-podge presentation. MIKE BREEN AND WALT KALLESTAD (AUTHOR)

A tale of two sons


The story of the Prodigal Son is undoubtedly among the best-known and most highly-favored tales of all time. Even those who do not know the story itself are familiar with its outline or some of the words and phrases that arose from its King James translation. A powerful and heart-rending story, it is unforgettable to all who hear it. John MacArthur, with no hyperbole, says it is “hands down, the greatest five minutes of storytelling ever.” His most recent book, A Tale of Two Sons, is an examination of this, Jesus’ most memorable and most powerful parable. JOHN MACARTHUR (AUTHOR)

Abundance of rain


There was a powerful consciousness of God’s love and is staggered me that the creator of the universe was being so intimate. there was nothing i could point to as a reason for all this except that He loved our obedience. the subject of our prayer – revival for the city of Beijing – must have been a purpose very dear to His hear. ESTHER C. STANLEY (author)

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