Hug your Customers

“Hug Your Customers: A master of customer service reveals his secrets for developing long-lasting business relationships and customer loyalty.”

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“We shower our customers with attention. There’s no doubt in my mind that our philosophy can be applied to selling just about anything from aircraft engines to beanbags.” – Jack Mitchell
nThe only way to stay in business is with customers, and Jack Mitchell knows how to attract them, and how to keep them. He has a deceptively simple but winning approach to customer service that a relationship is at the heart of every transaction.
nThis is a proven theory…hugging works! The Mitchell Stores achieve among the highest margins in its industry, as well as amazing customer loyalty. Complete with anecdotes that exemplify outstanding customer service, Hug Your Customers shows how any business can adapt this hugging philosophy to attract great staff, lower marketing costs, and maintain higher gross margins and long-term revenues. At a time when customer service has become the difference between success and failure, Hug Your Customers shows how Jack’s one-of-a-kind philosophy brings the results you are looking for.
nAuthor: Jack Mitchell.