I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

A shepherd is someone that looks after flocks or lamb. This is very challenging and demanding. This is because he has to make sure the sheep are properly taking care of and they are safe from any form of attack by the predator. David is a good example of a shepherd. He was helping his father flocks to find pasture in the hot Palestinian desert. Suddenly, a lion appear from a nearby bush and grabbed one of the sheep. David went after the lion and kills it. At another time, a bear came and grabbed the sheep but David did not hesitate to attack the bear and kill it as well.

What makes Jesus a good shepherd was that He laid down his life for you as a Lamb of God that died for your sin. He care so much for as many soul that surrender their life to him. Accept him as your savior and Lord today and He will put you among his sheep and also take care of you like the shepherd cares for the sheep.


Lord I embrace the path you are leading me for the salvation of my soul and the enlargement of your kingdom in Jesus Christ Almighty name. Amen.

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